On Demand Grocery

Discover Grocery Industry with Your Grocery Delivery Website and app

Order provisions from any amass with instacart twin.

Multi City
Increase your geological delivery location by adding multiple cities.
Multi Vendor
The vendor can have an option to manage products, offers and deals of the stores.
Dispatch System
The customer can choose dispatch system to deliver products to their preferable location.
Simple Checkout
Simple & handy ways to fill your delivery address, make payments and review your cart items.
Delivery Boy APP
Delivery Boy APP features have order login, listing, order detail, map, order status and alert notification for waiting orders.
Real Time Tracking
The merchant can track instant driver status as waiting for a response, driver accepted and order delivered.
Newsletter Management
Admin can send mail to all customers (or) selected customers.
Multiple Products
Admin & Merchants can manage (add/edit/modify) many products under one category.
SMS Notification
Merchants and Customers will receive SMS notification for every order placed. Orders are placed by Customer.