On Demand Food Delivery

Restaurant online food ordering system.

Straightforward and easiest way to supervise online ordering with app for customer, restaurants and delivery.

Book a table
Customer can make a table reservation in advance by mentioning exact date and time.
Google Map Integration
Customer can find exact location of the restaurants easily and quickly.
Gprs Integration
The main concept of GPRS integration to setup time for delivery orders of the restaurants.
Fax Integration
Fax integration improves response time of the restaurants owners during ordering or delivery process.
Real Time Tracking
DThis provides real-time arrival information and to view the predicted arrival time.
Push Notifications
Engage your most loyal customers with outlet-level targeted push notifications on their smartphones.
Online wallet allows the customers to store and control their online payment.
Deal of the day also called as daily deal or flash sales or one deal a day.
Dispatch System
Dispatch system is a procedure for delivery drivers or vehicles to customers.