Digital Payment Solution

Innovate payment industry with our digital payment solution platform and improve your business.

Become customer’s companion of choice with a smart mobile wallet.

At a glance
  • Mobile phones aren't implied for taking photos, you should simply scan the QR code with to pay for some espresso. Extremely, it's that simple
  • Share cash with your friends, or send them a reminder to pay you back
  • Pay bills without leaving home
  • You can load money into your account in bounty of ways
  • You can purchase movie tickets, Purchase goods offline provided the merchant has installed digital wallet
  • It is safe to pay through phone as digital wallet cannot be hacked as it is protected with your PIN
Scan and pay with QR Code
With scan and pay feature customers merely need to scan the QR code and enter the transaction amount. The amount gets transferred straightforwardly from the bank account without the need of a swiping machine.
Send / Receive Money
Customers can easily send money to someone and receive money from anyone in a simple way. Sending and receiving money can be completed by just following few steps.
Request for Funds
Here, customers can request money from other customers who are associated with corresponding digital wallet by providing the corresponding customer mobile number and amount needed.
Bill Payment
Customers can pay bills for postpaid phone. They can also pay bills for utility services like electricity, water, gas, broadband, landline etc.
Recharge Mobile
With this feature customers can recharge their phone. All the process can be done within fraction of seconds.
Buy Tickets
When consumers want to book tickets for a show - It's fast, one-click checkout process for booking ticket.
Customers may receive offers like cashback offers on the value of transaction for all the payments made through digital wallet in their respective E Wallet account.
Redeem Points
Customers will receive redeem points on the transaction made through E Wallet on selective Seller websites as may be intimated to the customer while making the transaction
At a glance
  • A perfect solution for requesting payments from your customers digitally
  • Get your money where you require it – in your bank account the same day ( Within two working days) and keep your business funds streaming
  • Simple to utilize invoicing dashboard to raise mass invoices and acknowledge payments from a great many clients with a solitary snap
  • Get instant updates through push notifications whenever you receive a mobile payment
  • You can check out your business performance easily- how much currency you made amid the day, what your best selling product was and who your customers are
  • Merchant can send Pop coins, receive payment, view invoice
  • The overall transactions done by the merchant to the customer can be viewed
  • Merchant can outlook recent sales and popup coin transaction details
  • Totally we enable your business grow and have your business in the palm of your hands
Scan and pay with QR Code
Merchant can receive the amount from customer through QR code. When entering the amount and description, QR code will be generated. Customer can easily scan the QR code to transfer money.
Customer to third party website
At a glance
  • Feather light APIs and SDK to get your website or mobile app ready in minutes.
  • A complete suite of well documented API's, SDK's, and plug-ins are available. We provide plug-ins for all main Ecommerce platforms.
A complete suite of well documented API's, SDK's, and plugins are available. We provide plugins for all main Ecommerce platforms.
Other Common Features
Android Fingerprint Authentication
Customers, who make purchases and transfers in E Wallet, no longer need to enter a password and just apply their fingerprint to the sensor.
Data feeds provide raw data that can be imported into a merchant’s data warehouse for CRM or analytics purposes. Data feeds may also include custom data reports as requested.
Transaction History
Paid, received and Top-up transactions done by the customer with their details will be listed in the transaction history page.
Sales Report
Here, the overall transactions done by the merchant to the customer will be listed and merchant can filter the data’s based on week, months and also can use the date picker to view the transaction details.
View Invoice
Invoice is used to show the No. of sales, commission, invoice period, and status are also clearly shown in the invoice management.
Recent sales and popup coin transaction details are being listed in the history management.
Here, customers who have done any transactions with the merchant are being listed and also can view the complete transaction of that customer.
Pay Now
Pay now option is used to transfer money from one registered digital wallet customer to another, by providing the corresponding customers mobile number and amount needs to be transferred.
Recent Transaction
Recently paid, received and Top-up transaction details of the customer with their details will be listed here. The transaction is initiated by sending an SMS short code.